Why Hire Us

Our Fees:

The costs for collection services can vary greatly depending on the volume of accounts being submitted, the average size of an account, and the existing age of the accounts. Regardless of this fact, our firm works strictly on a contingent fee basis. This means there is absolutely no out of pocket expense to our clients.


This makes utilizing our firm RISK FREE….

Our Process:

Placing an account: We accept claims in one of three methods: Fax, Email, or Mail. No matter which option you choose to place the account, it will be entered into our system by our administrative personnel within a matter of minutes.
Once the account is in the system our highly experienced management team will commence with the proprietary collection process that has allowed us to be such a successful collection law firm. We have an extremely powerful approach to our collection procedures, which consists of a term that we use called “Persuasive Persistence”.
Our Law firm will be in contact with your customer within 24 hours after assignment of the account.

Our objective is to secure your payment in full or negotiate a settlement of your case within a very short amount of time. In the event, this is not possible we will report the delinquent account to the credit reporting bureaus, whereas it will stay there as a derogatory mark for seven years.

If this does not provide the leverage we need to secure the funds you are owed, we will convene with our clients to discuss legal remedies such as litigation and or pre-judgment attachments.

Our firm will have our Private Investigator and Field Chasers locate people and company’s while also locating assets and completing inventory assessments on the organization. Our PI’s and Field chasers will document their findings through pictures, written reports, and surveillance.

Our firm prides itself on creating a win-win scenario for our clients. We like to extend our services in a manner that will allow our client to get paid, keep your customer, improve cash flow, and increase days sales outstanding (DSO).