Anne Singer & Associates is an established civil litigation and debt collection law firm located in Southern California that represents clients in cases throughout the world. Our firm has extensive experience in a wide variety of civil litigation matters with a concentration in cases involving commercial and civil litigation, debt collection, and the enforcement of the rights of creditors. We offer services such as litigation, prejudgment remedies, pre-judgment collections, and post judgment remedies.  To be more specific, below you will find a list of the multitude of cases and services we provide our clientele.

  • Disputes related to contracts and business to business transactions;
  • Collections of debts owed under loan agreements, retail installment contracts, secured transactions, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, for goods sold and delivered, and for services rendered;
  • Judgment enforcements such as wage garnishment, asset seizure, bank levies, filing and post-judgment litigation;
  • Actions for the collection of fees owed to law firms, accountants, and other professionals;
  • Actions by employees to recover damages for breach of an employment contract or for unpaid wages, commissions, or bonuses;
  • Actions to recover sales commissions and consulting fees;
  • Representing creditors in Bankruptcy Court proceedings, including adversary proceedings seeking a determination of the discharge ability of debts and the defense of preference claims.
  • Fraudulent conveyance actions and lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil” and impose personal liability upon corporate insiders who have abused the corporate form

Skip Tracing: Our firm utilizes the most advanced and sophisticated technology in the industry to locate your customers that have not paid you. We use the same innovative technology that some of largest government entities use. We hold a security clearance that allows our team to access sensitive information that can create a better opportunity to locate the person or company and secure the funds that you are entitled to.

Why use a Collection Attorney versus a Collection Agency?

Simply because; You can hire an experienced officer of the law with knowledge and experience of laws, rules, and regulations.

A traditional collection agency will take many of the same actions against the debtor that you may have already taken. They often start with a series of letters and then move to phone contact if the initial letters are not effective. Going this route is can be ineffective as you have already seen the results this process provides from the efforts that you used. By using a collection attorney we can force a slow paying individual or company into court and we exhibit more power than a collection agency, and thus can maximize the collection rate by implementing this leverage. The last call an individual or company that owes money wants to hear from is from an attorney demanding payment and offer the legal alternatives and ramifications that are available if they do not pay. A quick reminder as to the possibility of law suits, depositions, liens, and writ of attachments can make the person or company who owes the funds think twice about not paying. This is extremely beneficial to you and or your organization as you get a much higher quality of services for the same price you would get from a typical collection agency and get recover more money for you.